IRPC Tackles Production Safety Challenges with Motorola Digital 2-Way Radio

IRPC Tackles Production Safety Challenges with Motorola Digital 2-Way Radio

by 8th July 2015

UPGRADING TO THE DIGITAL TRUNKED RADIO – Now that trunked radios are geared towards digital, IRPC is also in a process of upgrading from analog to digital trunked radios. Currently, IRPC is deploying Motorola’s digital trunked radio system and taking advantage of many of its new features toenhance safety and efficiency.

For example, GPS has been employed to locate employees who may send SOS messages back to the control unit, the GPS system can pinpoint the exact location where an incident takes place. Man down screen has also been deployed to provide immediate help for users who are unconscious inside the plants. With this feature, the radio will automatically send signals to a safety officer for assistance without having to press any button.

Khun Kittipat Cholwewrawong, IRPC’s Senior Communication Officer said “Motorola’s radio solutions for refineries or petrochemical industry have been awarded with IECEx certification. IECEx stands for International Electrotechnical Commission System (For Use in Explosive Atmospheres) and is a widely-accepted standard around the world. Thailand is one of the member countries that use the IEC standard. That’s why IRPC is so confident that the IECEX-certified radios from Motorola will provide safety for our employees who operate in explosion prone areas” and “Even after 20 years of usage, Motorola’s radios still function very effectively as always.”

Compared to other types of network such as wireless or mobile network, the radio network can offer a wider radius of coverage and require less investment. Motorola radio adoption enables operations effectiveness through uninterrupted communication. As a result, IRPC production achieves efficiency, complies with international safety standards, and is well-respected in the oil & gas communities around the world.


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