Mubadala Petroleum: Sustainable Community Development – Alternative Energy Technology Plays a Role

Today’s social, environmental and economic challenges are complex and multidimensional. Through a variety of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, companies in close cooperation and partnership with local authorities, NGOs and academics, such as scientists and research groups, look to address

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Shipping 4.0 with ‘Power of the Future’

What will power the ships of the future? Will the industry manage on its own to transition out of its dependency on heavy fuel oil, or will regulations be needed to force a change? Is LNG the fuel of the

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Chevron Affirms Its Leadership in Technology and Safety with the Launch of “Kratong” New Oil Rig in the Gulf Of Thailand

  Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Co., Ltd. has unveiled its drilling rig Kratong to support its petroleum exploration and production in the Gulf of Thailand, set to begin operations from this June onwards under a five-year service contract. The

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