Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Schneider Electric Announces the PowerTag System, with the World’s Smallest Wireless Energy Sensor

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, today announced the PowerTag® system, the world’s smallest wireless energy sensor, designed to enhance the monitoring of electrical assets. Designed for an easy and compact connection to electrical devices and using wireless communication PowerTag provide monitoring and energy metering at the zone and load level.

The PowerTag system is the newest addition to IoT-enabled EcoStruxure™ Power architecture. It brings new opportunities to today’s power systems and energy management applications.

  • World’s smallest wireless energy sensor, at Class 1, supports energy efficiency programs, enables energy cost allocation, and complies with international standards like ISO50001.
  • Robust wireless communication that is standards-compliant and reliable, with zero impact on installation and materials.
  • Installation and commissioning is fast and simple, with minimal commissioning or integration time.
  • Scalable capability makes it easy to adapt to new regulations, requirements, or changing business needs.
  • Alarming features close to the load (voltage loss, overload).



The first of its kind
Designed for any type of building, PowerTag energy sensor monitors and measures current, voltage, power, power factor and energy. Data is sent wirelessly to a concentrator, which can provide data to energy management systems or BMS. Users can also view via inbuilt webpages. Customized e-mail alarms enable facility managers to remotely monitor their electrical assets. It’s a first of its kind, non-intrusive, wireless communication that immediately enables better load management, improved reliability, and improved efficiency of electrical installations:

  • World’s smallest wireless energy sensor, with certified Class 1 accuracy – to support energy efficiency programs or cost allocation applications.
  • Robust wireless communication that is standards-compliant and reliable, with zero impact on installation and materials.
  • Adaptable and scalable capabilities so it’s simple to adapt as business needs are modified, as new regulations must be met, or as requirements change.
  • Fast, simple installation and commissioning with near-zero panel footprint and short integration time.

“PowerTag is truly the energy monitoring system of the future. This compact, modular wireless technology can now be quickly added to final distribution protection devices, delivering combined metering and alarming close to loads, with cybersecure communications shielded from external equipment and systems”, noted Patricia Laubie, PowerTag Offer Manager for Schneider Electric. “In the past, metering was often on the main incomer circuit breaker and provided a broad overview of the electrical system. Today our customers need to know proper functioning of critical loads, energy consumption by zone or process, and to better interact with their installations. In fact, a business operating without this IoT-enabled strategy is overlooking enormous new opportunities to impact energy efficiency, improve resilience, and create new value.”

The compact, space-saving Energy sensors fits easily in new and existing distribution board. PowerTag® is natively integrated into Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure platforms to provide customers an all-in-one monitoring and control solution.  PowerTag® is available directly through Schneider Electric, or Schneider Electric authorized distributors.


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