Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Weatherford Unveils Enhancement Well Delivery Software

Weatherford International plc today introduced Centro, a holistic approach to effectively managing complex wellsite operations digitally. By seamlessly integrating every element of an operator’s well data, team members from any global location can access, share, and store all vital project information at any time. Centro makes consolidated data available in real time, enabling advanced domain viewing and live analytics.

“For decades, the oil and gas industry has demanded a holistic approach to managing complex wellsite operations digitally,” said Etienne Roux, President of Drilling and Evaluation, Weatherford. “Centro answers that challenge. By giving operators every piece of mission critical data – all in one place – Centro is an outstanding solution for oilfield data technology management and a key achievement on our industry’s digital transformation journey.”

As an all-inclusive, real-time solution beyond merely transferring data between the rig and the office, Centro combines data management, visualization, and real-time engineering technologies, all from a single provider. Centro unleashes the power of real integration and gives a single engineer the analytical capacity of an entire team. 

Centro Industry-Leading Benefits and Features

  • Monitor multiple wells simultaneously using a singleinteractive interfacethat combines data from all sources.
  • Visualize with advanced 2D and 3D renderings through ahigh degree of compatibility with industry data formats and operations.
  • Receive alerts when it matters by setting basic or condition-based smart alarms that deliver instantaneous notifications to global users.
  • Enjoy an unmatched intuitive interface that minimizes the effort to manage data sets and enables creating custom workspaces.
  • Avoid downhole hazards and tool failures with continuous real-time updates of dynamic hydraulics, torque-and-drag, and vibration models.
  • Reach maximum operational performance and team productivity by automating hundreds of real-time calculations and tasks. 
(Courtesy Weatherford)

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