Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

AI on Drilling Rigs: Real-Time Detection and Immersive Insights

Drilling rig risks can be drastically mitigated only by using new technologies

Drilling rig safety has remained unchanged for a decade. Last year, based on IADC reports, the number of fatalities even climbed from four in 2020 to seven in 2021, and the lost-time incidence rate also increased by 30.8%. So how can this situation change?

The answer is quite clear: drilling rig risks can be drastically mitigated only by using new technologies. And even though  it seems new technologies like AI can’t be widely implemented or accessible on rigs, such technology has already been installed on several rigs worldwide and proven its effectiveness.

The term artificial intelligence does not only refer to robots; it also includes technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision. By using those technologies, real-time data captured by CCTV cameras can be used for detecting anomalies and even getting immersive insights into system behavior. VEUNEX has developed solutions focused scenarios focused  on creating innovative AI-driven solutions for improving safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industry. Here’s how their solution will transform drilling rig safety.

Real-time risk detection

Many cameras have already been installed on drilling rigs. They almost cover every area of the rig, from the pipe rack to the monkey board. Now, imagine you could do head counting in real-time in every place. In an emergency, how could it ease you to decide in a moment? Or how could such a capability help you to mitigate risks? That’s one of the abilities new intelligent technologies offer. Such technologies have various possibilities, from detecting a PPE violation to dangerous behavior. But many of them have not yet been able to try their capabilities on a real drilling rig, while VEUNEX has. They’ve installed their platform on several oil rigs worldwide, extending their possibilities beyond real-time mitigating risks. Now they’ve even developed their platform to understand system behavior. 

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