Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Digitalisation: INDUSTRY 4.0 – THE WAY TO A SMART AGE

In the smart age, intelligent solutions provide an optimal analysis of sensor data and generate an abundance of useful information. This makes the daily work easier and safer. The most important prerequisites for this: trust and stability. VEGA provides future-proof applications, highest possible data security as well as maximum protection and confidentiality. Industry 4.0 with VEGA – for the long term.

User-friendly and secure – the VEGA Tools app

Thanks to the sensor’s Bluetooth function, setup and commissioning is easier than ever – especially in hard-toreach locations or harsh industrial environments. When it comes to data protection and security, VEGA considers it extremely important to comply with the highest standards – from access management to secure data encryption.

VEGA Inventory Systemea

VEGA Inventory System gives the supplier a reliable insight into the inventories of his customers at all times. The current measurement data is combined and compared to the values from the consumption history. This analysis optimises requirement, inventory and delivery planning. It also saves resources and costs.

myVEGA – Advantages in every phase

The myVEGA customer portal provides you with comprehensive information via permanent and complete digital storage of all documents relating to your VEGA products – Discover your benefits in every single phase.

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