Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Offshore Underwater Pile Installation

Foundation Associates Engineering (FAE) established in 1998, continues to be one of the market leader in providing leasing, sales and services for oil & gas, offshore industries and international marine construction.

We developed a full range of FAV vibratory driver/extractors from 5 tons to 60 tons and Hydraulic Power Packs from 400 HP to 1200 HP. FAE vibratory hammers are specially developed for submerged operation and have achieved many deep sea piling projects.

Foundation Associates Engineering has been constantly improving both its technologies and product range as well as maintaining its service quality according to worldwide approved standards.

At FAE, we provide services that meet your needs:

1. Sales and Rental of offshore Vibratory Hammer with Hydraulic Power Pack.

2. Fabrication of specialised steel structures for offshore platform.

3. Sales and Rental of Hose reel.

4. Sales and Rental of Pile Top Rig.

5. Sales and Rental of Grout Mixer / Pump and Mud Pump.

Past projects carried out by Vibratory Hammers:

1. Deep sea anchor piles installation and extraction.

2. Undersea PLEM Piles installation.

3. Installed pin piles and jacket legs.

4. Installed Towhead Type “B” restraining piles.

5. Installed stabilisation piles.

6. Performed Anchortech A-shape initiation.

7. Suitable for many other subsea applications.

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